What are the Benefits of Fleet Repair Services?

For fleet managers, keeping their vehicles in good condition is essential to ensuring the safety of their drivers and passengers. Automotive fleet repair and maintenance can be costly and time-consuming, but it’s a necessary expense that can’t be avoided. At Mad Hatter Auto Repair, we understand

Does My Car Need a Tune Up

Is It Time for a Tune-Up? Contact Our Certified Mechanics Today Is It Time for Your Car’s Tune-Up? Regular maintenance services are important to keep your car running at its best. Services like oil changes, wheel alignments, and tire inspections ensure all of your vehicle’s components are in tip-top shape. So, if your car is […]

Why Not to Ignore Auto Maintenance

Don’t Put Off Your Automotive Maintenance! Book a Service Appointment with Us Today Why Auto Maintenance is Crucial Automotive repair and maintenance services are crucial for an optimally running vehicle. Suppose you fail to stay on top of your car’s maintenance services. In that case, it could lead to some hefty—and costly—problems. The certified mechanics […]


How to Know if Your Car’s A/C is Bad There’s nothing quite like driving on a hot summer Midwest day with a broken car air conditioner. It can make your vehicle feel like an oven, causing discomfort and making you lose focus on the road. As a driver, this can be frustrating and even dangerous. […]

Does Your Vehicle’s A/C Leave You Hot Under the Collar?

Why Your Car’s Air Conditioner is Not Cooling When the temperature outside is really hot, there’s nothing better than jumping into a cool car and setting out on your drive. However, if you find yourself in the uncomfortable situation of having an air conditioner (A/C) that isn’t cooling off your car, it can be quite […]

Is It Serious if My CEL Is On?

My CEL is On. What Should I Do? Expert Check Engine Light Diagnostics Is an Illuminated Check Engine Light Serious? For most drivers, an illuminated check engine light (CEL) on their car’s dashboard can cause a sense of deep dread. Others may not think that the pesky little light is a big deal. However, if […]

Why is My Service Brake System Light On?

It goes without saying that having the ability to stop a vehicle is just as important as it being able to go. If your brakes are in need of service, it could have significant impacts on your ability to stop your car when you press on the brake pedal.

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