Can You Drive With a Coolant Leak?

Is Your Car Leaking Coolant? Our Certified Mechanics Are Here to Help Is It Safe to Drive with a Coolant Leak? Cars are complex machines. With so many different systems and components, it can sometimes be tough to tell if something is wrong. A coolant leak is a common cause for concern that many drivers […]

Common Causes of Soft Brakes

Why Do My Brakes Go Down to the Floor?     When you apply your brakes, do they feel soft or do they go all the way to the floor? If the answer to one or both is “yes”, then it’s important to identify the cause and bring your vehicle to your mechanic to take […]

Why Are My Wheels Misaligned?

Wheel Alignment Out of Whack? Contact Our Tire Alignment Specialists Today 3 Common Causes for Car Wheel Misalignments Do you think your car needs a tire alignment? Is your steering wheel crooked? Is your vehicle pulling to one side? Whatever symptoms you are experiencing, it is smart to get the problem inspected by a team […]

What Does Hitting Bumps in the Road do to My Car?

Impact of Rough Roads on Suspension System Ever hit a bump and wonder what it did to your car? Here’s a look at how different parts of your suspension are affected by every day driving. When you hit a bump in the road, the sudden jolt can cause damage to your car’s suspension system. This […]

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