Why are catalytic converters being stolen?

Catalytic converters are being stolen for scrap. With the price of everything going up and the new uses of precious metals in vehicles and other technology, the metal in a catalytic converter is worth a lot. Metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium make up the converter.  As costs are driving up, so is the value […]

Why is my antifreeze leaking?

  Antifreeze leak or a coolant leak is not something to overlook. Antifreeze is an important part of keeping the engine cool and keeping you warm in the winter months. Antifreeze leak can happen through engine gaskets, coolant hoses, radiators and water pumps. The best way to find a leak is to have your mechanic […]

Will Brakes Bleed Themselves

The simple answer to this question is NO! The brake hydraulic system is a closed system leaving no way to purge the air by itself. This means the only way to properly bleed the brakes is to have a certified and trained mechanic do it or try it yourself.   What are bleeding brakes? Bleeding […]

Is It Time for a Wheel Alignment?

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Wheel Alignment Do you need a wheel alignment? How will you know? Does it matter? Yes, it matters, and we’ll help you recognize the warning signs. First, let’s consider the basic premise of a line. From our earliest memories, we were taught the importance of lines. We learned to draw […]

Your Career In Auto Repair Is Waiting!

A Car Repair Career for Everyone If you were born with a wrench in your hand, you might be very comfortable pursuing a career in automotive repair. If you weren’t, perhaps you’ve dismissed the possibility of working in this industry. Your inner voice may scold you, “A career related to vehicles for me?” Yes, you! […]


Is My Car Ready for Winter? Winter driving and cold weather has finally come upon us for the close of 2021 and the start of 2022 may have you asking if your vehicle is ready. With cold weather, snow and ice, vehicles are going to run into the hardest part of the year. Read below […]


Is your boss as cool as ours? Take our quiz and find out if your boss is as cool as ours!   Likes to have company parties and get togethers? YES   NO Likes to have fun with games and competitions for the employees? YES   NO Tells you to spend your weekend with family […]


Tis’ the season and Mad Hatter Auto Repair is proud to host a special Toy Drive this year! We will be collecting new soft cuddly stuffed toys at both our locations! At the end of the toy drive, we have enlisted a VERY special local Santa that will deliver those toys to sick children at […]

Now Hiring

Everyone knows every business is looking for employees right now. The Auto Repair industry actually has been in need of help for years. High school grads in the late 90’s were encouraged to attend 4 year colleges and not trade schools. This on top of pulling vocational training programs out of high schools have only […]