Can spending more save me money? The tough part of Vehicle ownership is the constant and what seems high cost of Vehicle Maintenance. With Oil Changes that seem to come due all the time, to the Mechanic Recommending everything from Brake Fluid Service to Intake Service. The cost of maintenance may seem pointless and a way […]


Call the tow truck because a jump start will not get you home. When a vehicle Cranks but will not Start, it becomes more of a problem that a quick charge will not take care of. A No Start can be Fuel, Electrical, or even an internal mechanical problem. Lets just go over a couple of the […]

How Much Air Should I Put In My Tires

A tire full of air keeps the Mechanic Away. Keeping your tires properly inflated has many more benefits than just keeping your car rolling. Tires yes make it easier to get from point A to point B, but also affects handling, braking, and the fuel mileage of your vehicle. Read on to find out why […]

How Do I Know If My Car Needs Oil

How do I know if my car needs oil? Some people may be asking the question in fear of running out. Oil is the  lifeblood of your vehicle’s engine like the blood that runs through your veins. So yes, this is a valid question and should be asked. This often leads to other questions like How Do […]

Why Is My Car Overheating

Why Is My Car Overheating?  Out of all problems, a Car Overheating is one you should not continue to drive on. Modern Engines are made of a lot of aluminum and plastics to reduce weight and cost of production. These types of materials will have more problems with Overheating conditions. Server Overheating can cause materials to […]

Why Does My Car Shake

A Shaking Vehicle will send chills up your spine. The lack of control you feel, and the risk of an accident is not a good feeling. Shaking can be caused by many parts of a vehicle and can be felt at different times and speeds. A good Mechanic will figure out the exact problem and give you […]

Cheap Catalytic Converters

Cheap Catalytic Converter With the onset of stolen Catalytic Converters, we are hearing people ask, “Where are the Cheap Catalytic Converters?” This is a problem we are all running into with a lack of production driving up the cost of goods and the amount of precious metals that are needed to make Catalytic Converters. Consequently, […]

Why Is My Brake Light On

Why is My Brake Light On?  The little red Brake Light on the dashboard is an important Warning Light. The Brake Light is signaling that something is wrong with the Braking System. The Red Brake Light has to do with the normal Braking or Hydraulic Brake system. The ABS Light is the one that will […]