Can Pothole Cause Damage to My Car?

Potholes are NOT Your Car's Friend!

One of the last things you want to encounter when you're driving is a pothole. Unfortunately, with the amount of wintry precipitation that we get in the Omaha Metro area, they are everywhere! When you do happen to drive through one, they can often cause more damage to your vehicle than you think. Which leads to the question "How bad are potholes for your car?"

Common Issues due to Hitting a Pothole

The truth is that depending on the size of the pothole and how fast you're driving, you could experience repairs that could cost several hundred dollars. When your car hits a pothole, it can impact your suspension system, tires, rims, axles, and even your engine!


The most common signs of pothole damage include:

  • Vibrations during acceleration
  • A bouncy ride
  • Off-centered steering wheel

In addition to those problems, you might also hear unusual noises such as rattles coming from the suspension when you turn or drive over bumps.

Mad Hatter Auto Repair - Omaha's Auto Repair Experts

At Mad Hatter Auto Repair, our certified technicians are experienced in diagnosing pothole damage. We'll inspect your vehicle for any signs of suspension, alignment, tire, and brake issues and can provide you with the necessary repair services.

Don't wait to get it fixed. Bring it into Mad Hatter Auto Repair for an inspection! Our team of experts will make sure that your car is safe and sound for you!

Written by Developer Autoshop