Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Omaha, Nebraska

The Importance of Properly Aligned Wheels

If you want your drive to be all that you deserve, periodic wheel alignment service at Mad Hatter Auto Repair in Omaha, Nebraska, is of the utmost importance. A vehicle has a medley of systems working in unison to deliver optimum driving dynamics. When everything is in tune, it is essentially like a symphony. However, when something is out of tune, that symphony will be off-key. Correct alignment ensures your wheels and tires are properly centered relative to your vehicle and its steering and suspension. Even a deviation of a few degrees causes your handling and control to suffer. During a wheel alignment service, our technicians take a look at the toe, center, and camber, which are the three main angles that dictate how well your wheels sit. We make adjustments to all three angles as necessary to meet manufacturer specifications so your vehicle’s steering is as sharp and responsive as it should be. We will also ensure your ride height is at its designated specification.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are wheel alignments important?

Maintaining a proper wheel alignment keeps your tires straight. This allows you to have proper steering while helping to prevent premature tread wear on your tires.

2. Where can I go to get a wheel alignment?

Most tire stores and auto repair facilities have alignment machines. Ask your trusted mechanic if they offer alignments and if they recommend your vehicle having an alignment done.

3. How are wheel alignments done?

Wheel alignments are done with digital alignment machines. A trained mechanic hooks your vehicle up to the alignment machine, which provides a read-out and enables them to make the necessary adjustments to your vehicle's alignment.

4. Do wheel alignments cover all four wheels?

Most mechanics perform a four-wheel alignment service. With the digital alignment machines that are often used, all wheels are read and mechanics will make adjustments to the alignment based off those readings.

5. Why are wheel alignments necessary?

Wheel alignments are necessary as they keep your vehicle going straight down the road and improve steering on wet and dry roads. An improper alignment will cause your tires to wear out faster.

6. Can an improper wheel alignment cause vehicle vibrations?

Usually vehicle vibrations are caused by loose suspension parts and worn tires. Alignments rarely cause issues with vibrations.

7. When should I get a wheel alignment?

It is recommended to get a wheel alignment, or an alignment check, once a year. This helps ensure suspension parts are not wearing out and helps extend the life of your tires.