Cooling System Repair

Cooling System Repair in Omaha, Nebraska

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Naturally, engines run hot. To maintain a level temperature and to avert overheating, every vehicle is designed with a cooling system. We at Mad Hatter Auto Repair in Omaha, Nebraska, are here to tell you why. As the name suggests, the cooling system is responsible for keeping the engine at an appropriate temperature by cooling it. The cooling system isn’t just one component, though. To work, it requires the input of many parts: a radiator, water pump, thermostat valve, fans, hoses, and antifreeze/coolant. The cooling process starts with the radiator that dissipates the generated heat, then the fans control airflow for the radiator, and the thermostat valve contracts when the desired temperature is met. The water pump then releases the coolant throughout the engine unit. The coolant is actually what collects and transfers heat from the inside to the outside. Without it, your engine will quickly overheat! Collectively, the cooling system prevents overheating, parts wearing and warping, and any additional issues that may warrant the need for cooling system repair.