Auto Repair Services in Omaha, NE, and Council Bluffs, IA

A Full-Service Auto Shop Experience

Specializing in Custom Exhaust Work

Mad Hatter Auto Repair proudly serves our local communities in Omaha, NE, and across the Missouri River in Council Bluffs, IA. We service all vehicle makes and models and can complete any repairs your car needs. However, our specialty is custom exhaust work. But what are the benefits of installing a custom exhaust system in your car? Your car’s exhaust system is important because it controls the amount of noise your car makes, directs the fumes from the engine away from you and your passengers, plus it’s responsible for improving your car’s performance and fuel consumption. A custom exhaust system replaces the factory default in your car. This is typically done to increase your car’s performance and to modify the sound that comes out of it. Installing a custom exhaust system can also make your car look even cooler. Increasing performance and improving aesthetics at the same time? Sounds like a win-win to us. If you’re interested in switching things up with a customized exhaust system, bring your car in to see the experts at Mad Hatter!

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Why is your car’s check engine light on? The mere sight of your car’s check engine light can fill you with dread, but don’t panic! When the light comes on, it means that your car’s onboard diagnostics system has detected something amiss with one of your vehicle’s systems. This error could be related to exhaust, fuel, emissions, or ignition. No matter what the issue ends up being, don’t ignore your CEL! Bring your car in to see us immediately, especially if that light is flashing. We’re well-equipped to run the diagnostic tests needed to determine the issue. We’re also here to answer any questions you have, and we can perform any repairs your car could need. Not only that, but we’re proud to offer the best customer service in the region! So don’t hesitate – if your check engine light comes on, call us to make an appointment for check engine light diagnostics.

Repair Services for All Vehicles

At Mad Hatter Auto Repair, we’re excited to offer the same level of quality auto repairs for all vehicle makes and models. We provide a full range of auto repair services to restore, maintain, or improve your vehicle’s performance. Whether you need brake repair, muffler repair, exhaust repair, A/C repair, or any other level of general repair, our ASE Master Certified technicians will get the job done right. Plus, everyone at our shop is available to answer any questions you have along the way. So no matter which car you drive, and no matter which services you need to get done, bring it in to see us!