Can spending more save me money?

The tough part of Vehicle ownership is the constant and what seems high cost of Vehicle Maintenance. With Oil Changes that seem to come due all the time, to the Mechanic Recommending everything from Brake Fluid Service to Intake Service. The cost of maintenance may seem pointless and a way of trying to get you to spend more at the shop, but could maintenance be a way for them to actually save you money? Yes it is a hard thing to buy into but your local mechanic may be the one trying to save you money over the dreaded big break down. Here are a few ways recommended services may save you money.

Oil Service and Additives

Engines are becoming more dependent on oil and the cleanliness of the passages they go through. With the tighter passages, a small amount of carbon that has built up overtime can cause a passage to clog and your engine will have an issue. This is preventable by an Engine Oil Service with regular oil changes to keep your engine clean. Lack of oil can cause thousands of dollars of engine damage, engine timing issues and your vehicle to have running issues. So keep your engine oil and internal engine parts in the best condition you can.

Brake Fluid Service

Some think Brake Fluid Service or Brake Flush may be a rip off, but is it? Brake fluid is a hygroscopic fluid or absorbs water very easily. When this happens, brake fluid becomes acidic and can destroy seals, hoses and can cause pitting of the metal. This will cause the brake hoses to go bad, brake calipers to leak or lock up and master cylinders or ABS modules to go bad. This all can cost you thousands of dollars to repair but less than a hundred to prevent. 

Power Steering Service

Servicing a power steering system is a way of cleaning fluid that does not have a filter. Dirt and debris build up can cause power steering pump and power steering rack failure. Keeping the dirt off the seals and mechanical parts will always extend the life of expensive parts to replace. 

Induction Service

With the invention of direct injection fuel systems the intake system lost fuel injector spray keeps the valve train clean. As excessive carbon builds up in the intake system it can cause rough idle, misfires and no starts. Now you would say why not just clean it at that point? Well you can try, is the answer, but a lot of times it has gotten to the point of needing to remove engine parts and do internal engine cleaning. On top of saving you a lot in the repair alone, this will help you save money with better fuel mileage. 

In the end all services your mechanic offers you is not just a money making scheme. It is a way of trying to save you money. Mechanics are better off the longer your vehicle lasts, so they are just as invested in the longevity of your vehicle as you are. So don’t always just pass off the offered investment but ask how it can help me? What can it save me? And why should I? The answers may surprise you and help you in the long run. 

Written by Developer Autoshop