Cheap Catalytic Converters

Cheap Catalytic Converter

With the onset of stolen Catalytic Converters, we are hearing people ask, “Where are the Cheap Catalytic Converters?” This is a problem we are all running into with a lack of production driving up the cost of goods and the amount of precious metals that are needed to make Catalytic Converters. Consequently, that is driving up prices. So, the question may be,” What’s the best route to get a Catalytic Converter Replaced?” I will touch base on why Cheap might not be “cheap” and what might save you from having to replace a Catalytic Converter in the first place. 

Why are they Stealing Catalytic Converters? 

The answer is a simple one. The metals used to make the Catalytic Converter are worth a lot of money. With materials that Tony Stark would use, like Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium they already sound like big bucks to make. Did you know the going rate of platinum is $1,217 per ounce? That is big bucks, but Palladium is even higher at $2,843 an ounce! But just wait! Rhodium at $27,900 an ounce makes what some of us think is valuable metal take another look. This is becoming a big game for the ill hearted so protect what you have. 

Can I just get a Delete My Catalytic Converter? 

We get this question all the time and the simple answer is NO. Even in Nebraska and Iowa where we do not have emissions testing, legally we CANNOT Delete Catalytic Converters. Every state in the U.S requires by law you must still have Catalytic Converters. I often refer people to This is from the EPA. 

Cheap Catalytic Converter Installation 

This is a loaded question and being an Exhaust Repair Shop, we get it a lot. We have found that some manufacturers and a lot of the cheap Catalytic Converters customers find online, will not be the fix they want. To bring the price down they do not use the proper amounts of the metals mentioned above to effectively work. We find that all Customers that suddenly have a light come on 3 months down the road for a Defective Catalytic Converter are very upset and I don’t blame them. This is why an internet search for the cheapest may leave you buying two to get the problem solved when buying the proper one would have saved money overall. We are commonly asked by part vendors why we have such a low failure rate on a converter we install compared to other shops and the answer is we know what to put on what vehicles and where it came from. 

What Can I do to prevent a Stolen Catalytic Converter? 

First, park inside and park in busy areas. The people who steal Catalytic Converters do not want to be seen. That also being said, we have been seeing people stealing them from peoples driveways. If you cant park in a busy area and a garage is out of the question, there is a theft deterring options out there. I do know that a lot of them are hard to get right now but talk to your local Exhaust Repair Shop to see what they have in stock or can get for you. 

What Can I do to Prevent My Catalytic Converter from going bad? 

This question is good for everyone to know the answer. Maintenance! Maintenance! Maintenance! Catalytic Converters go bad from high amounts of carbon coming into the Catalytic Converters causing the chemical reaction to overheat the Catalytic Converter and break down the metals that make them work. This can be because of stuck Fuel Injectors, Weak Spark Plugs, Plugged Air Filters for example. Properly running vehicles with a no Check Engine Light on, is a very good start. Sometimes the Vehicle may have a slightly off but not so bad enough issue for the Check Engine Light to come on, so regular checkups by your favorite Mechanic may be your best option for staying on a good preventive maintenance program with your vehicle. 

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