Common Causes of Soft Brakes

Why Do My Brakes Go Down to the Floor?




When you apply your brakes, do they feel soft or do they go all the way to the floor? If the answer to one or both is "yes", then it's important to identify the cause and bring your vehicle to your mechanic to take corrective action. There are several things that could cause this issue to occur. The experts at Mad Hatter Auto Repair have outlined four common reasons that would cause your brake pedal to go down to the floor.

1. Low Brake Fluid Levels: Over time, your car's brake fluid can leak out or become degraded. This results in a low level of brake fluid, which affect's your vehicle's ability to stop properly.

2. Air in the Brake Lines: If there is aire in the brake lines, it can reduce their effectiveness and cause your brake pedal to to go the floor.

3. Worn Pads or Calipers: Your brakes rely your brake pads and/or calipers. If either of these components are worn, it can affect the effectiveness of your brakes.

4. Master Cylinder Failure: The master cylinder is a key component of the braking system, and if it fails it will cause your brake pedal to hit the floor when it is depressed.

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If your brakes are going all the way down to the floor, it's important to have the problem diagnosed and repaired by a qualified mechanic at Mad Hatter Auto Repair as soon as possible. We will accurately diagnose the issue and ensure your car, truck, or SUV is equipped with safe, reliable brakes. Call us today to schedule an appointment in Council Bluffs at (712) 322-7500. Live in Omaha? Call us there at (402) 330-2286.

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