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Why Avoiding Brake Repair is Dangerous

Your vehicle’s brakes are among its most important safety features. If one component of the braking system, including the brake pedal or master cylinder, isn’t working correctly, it could dramatically affect your car’s ability to slow down and stop. This increases your risk of an automotive accident when you’re behind the wheel.

That’s why neglecting any necessary brake repair services is never a good idea. If you think something is wrong with your vehicle’s brakes, call the certified mechanics at Mad Hatter Auto Repair in Council Bluffs, Iowa right away.

The Dangers of Neglecting Brake Inspections and Repairs

Wherever you’re driving on a busy highway or a quiet residential street, you need properly working brakes. Ideally, you should be having your brakes closely inspected by a certified mechanic at least once each year.

Over time, many of your braking system’s crucial components can experience wear and tear. If your discs or drums become worn out, it can seriously impact your car’s stopping power. Furthermore, if your brake pads are wearing thin, it can damage other parts of your braking system, or even the entire system itself.

If you think your car needs brake repair services, don’t hesitate. Call our team of certified technicians today.

Signs You Need Brake Repair Services

For your safety and the safety of others, it’s important to know the signs that your car needs brake repair services. A few telltale symptoms that your brakes aren’t working properly include:

  • Squealing or grinding noises when you apply pressure to the brake pedal
  • A brake pedal that feels spongy or soft
  • A vibrating steering wheel
  • Burning odors coming from your brakes
  • An illuminated brake warning light on your dashboard

If your car is displaying any of these symptoms, call the car care experts at Mad Hatter Auto Repair today.

We’ll Keep You Safe

If your car needs brake repair services, book an automotive repair appointment at Mad Hatter Auto Repair in Council Bluffs, Iowa as soon as possible. With over 40 years of experience, we’ll ensure your brakes are in great shape.

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