How Do I Know If My Car Needs Oil

How do I know if my car needs oil? Some people may be asking the question in fear of running out. Oil is the  lifeblood of your vehicle’s engine like the blood that runs through your veins. So yes, this is a valid question and should be asked. This often leads to other questions like How Do I Check My Oil? And How Often Should I Check My Oil? Well, we have some answers for you. 

How Do I know If My Car Needs Oil? 

The truth is if you know from driving your Vehicle your Vehicle needs oil, it may be too late. Some Vehicles have oil level sensors to help, but most oil lights are going off the engine oil pressure. So, when the light comes on, your vehicle has little to no engine oil pressure. This is one of those stop, pull over and shut your vehicle off moments! Running your Engine with Low or No Oil Pressure can cause internal Engine damage and can result in big repair bills. So, in most cases checking your engine oil level in between Oil Changes is the best way to know your oil level. 

How Do I Check My Oil?  

The answer on this goes back to the way grandpa use to do it. Pop the hood, grab a rag and have the engine off and pull out the dip stick. Remember to clean the stick, reinsert the dip stick, and pull it back out to get the most accurate reading. Some new cars may have a digital gage but in almost all vehicles, a dip stick is in the engine. Remember that if you are not sure and want someone to show you on your exact vehicle, most mechanics will be more than happy to walk you through the process. If the oil is low or there is none on the stick, top it off with the recommended oil and get it into your mechanic to figure out if you have an oil leak or another problem. 

How Often Should I Check My Oil? 

This is a personal preference and maybe one that your mechanic should be involved with. I know Grandpa would tell you to check your oil every time you fill up the gas, and if you can find a full-service gas station, they will do this for you. On most new cars every time you fill up almost seems to be a once-a-week thing and vehicles do not use oil like they used to. My recommendation would be once a month or at least once in between oil changes just to make sure. This is where you Mechanic would be the best point of reference already knowing your vehicle, leaks, and consumption problems you may have.  

Remember your car is the way you get to all the things you want and need to do. Neglect can put you and your vehicle in a bad place so just make sure your vehicle has its life blood full and ready to go for all the important places you need to go in life.  

Written by Developer Autoshop