I Hit a Pothole and my Car Shakes

Tis the season for the two bed one-bathroom Potholes in the Omaha Metro Area. The Potholes can cause more than just Tire and Rim Damage. The impact from a pothole hit will affect the weakest link on your Vehicle. Our Mechanics have seen everything from Bent Rims to Bent Shocks and Struts. The Impact will also affect smaller more used parts like Tie Rod Ends and Ball Joints. Not all the time will the affected part leave you stranded or even be noticeable. A slight bend could cause the Tires to have excessive wear or your Steering Wheel to be slightly off. This could cause slick condition driving issues and Braking Issues that you would not notice till you are in that situation.  

Do I Need An Alignment?  

The truth is Yes! Performing an Alignment once a year is just as important as an Oil Change. A Vehicle out of Alignment can cause premature Tire Wear, Wheel Bearings, Braking issues, and driving problems. Bad Alignments on newer vehicles can even cause ABS (Anti-Lock Brake) issues. Alignments may be something we do not think of often but can have a huge effect on our pocketbooks.  

So do I REALLY Need an Alignment? 

Absolutely! Potholes and bumps in the road can also cause the Suspension to get Misaligned. Bent Struts or Control Arms can cause your Vehicle to be out of Alignment. We recommend an Alignment yearly just to make sure you are not causing damage to your Tires. If you have any questions on Alignments or found you way into one of the areas finest Potholes, feel free to contact us. 402-513-9436 or www.madhatterautorepair.com 

Written by Developer Autoshop