Is It Time for a Wheel Alignment?

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Wheel Alignment

Do you need a wheel alignment? How will you know? Does it matter? Yes, it matters, and we'll help you recognize the warning signs. First, let's consider the basic premise of a line. From our earliest memories, we were taught the importance of lines. We learned to draw a straight line with our crayons, and we knew that a properly organized school (as opposed to utter chaos) required our classmates to walk in a line. That same idea transfers to your adult life, too. Imagine constructing a house without paying attention to straight lines. The resulting structure would be unsound and would likely soon fall. Similarly, a car lacking straight lines and proper associated angles has a skewed condition that impairs its function and safety. To ensure that your vehicle is oriented as it should be, bring it to Mad Hatter Auto Repair in Omaha, Nebraska, for wheel alignment.

Know the Warning Signs

Now that you understand the big deal about lines as they relate to your automobile, perhaps you're wondering how you can recognize the need for wheel alignment. Your vehicle gives clues to help you. For example, if your steering wheel won't return to the center or seems to be straight as you drive straight ahead, you should bring your car in to be checked. Also, you may begin to hear your tires squealing. If your tires are wearing more in some spots than others, there’s likely a wheel alignment problem. The uneven wear is more than just an unusual pattern. It causes a bumpy ride as the tires to struggle to maintain contact with the road surface, and it wears out the tires much too quickly. Unless you address the issue, you'll find yourself needing to buy tires soon. That's expensive! What's more, if left alone too long, the misalignment will cause undue stress and wear on other suspension parts. That's even more expensive to fix!

Your Local, Trustworthy Wheel Alignment Experts

If you start noticing any of these signals, don't panic, but get timely attention by bringing your vehicle to Mad Hatter Auto Repair. We've been assisting customers with restoring proper wheel alignment since 1979. Our ASE-certified technicians use the most modern tools and equipment, ensuring that your auto leaves our shop with suspension lines and angles that help your car handle well and allow you to be in maximum control of steering. We're here for you no matter what make or model you drive.

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