Is It Time for Brake Repair?

Respect the Brakes

How do you know when something is wrong with your car that requires repair? Perhaps you're thinking, "If only my car could talk . . . " When it comes to brakes, it can! That's good for you as a driver/owner because you need to respect your brakes. You don't want to find yourself in heavy traffic or hurtling down the highway at 70 mph only to find that you can't stop as quickly as you need to. So listen to your auto, respect the equipment, and bring your vehicle to Mad Hatter Auto Repair in Council Bluffs, Iowa, for brake repair.

What Your Car is Saying About Its Brakes

Do you understand what your vehicle is saying when it needs brake repair? Listen for these bits of auto "language." If your auto has worn brake pads, you may hear grinding, squeaking, or squealing. That's because they're made of metal. If they're worn, that sound you hear is an improper rub of metal on metal. If the pedal feels "soft" or spongy when you press it or if you discover a fluid leak, you could have a cracked master cylinder. That's the reservoir that holds the brake fluid. If your car is losing this fluid, it's critical to have this fixed immediately because your vehicle relies on this fluid for the hydraulic force needed to stop. Also, make a mental note of where your brake pedal stops when you press it. The ideal mark should be about an inch or a half from the floor in a vehicle with power brakes. That distance should be at least three inches from the floor if your car has manual brakes. Another signal for service is an illuminated brake light on your dash panel. This may clue you into the need for service, or it could point to a bigger problem. Our technicians can check it out for you, taking care of the problem, whether it's simple or complex. If you notice a vibration, wobble, or scrape during braking, you may have uneven brake rotors. The rotor is the disc that the pad contacts to create the friction that slows the vehicle. It should be smooth and of even thickness all over. Finally, a burning smell could warn of a stuck brake caliper or an emergency brake that was left engaged.

Your Local, Trusted Brake Shop

Since 1979, Mad Hatter Auto Repair has been helping drivers respond when their vehicles announce the need for brake repair. You, too, can feel confident knowing that your auto is repaired correctly and protected by a generous warranty.

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