Winter driving and cold weather has finally come upon us for the close of 2021 and the start of 2022 may have you asking if your vehicle is ready. With cold weather, snow and ice, vehicles are going to run into the hardest part of the year. Read below to see what you should be checking to make sure you are ready for cold winter weather driving. 


Tires are what keep you connected to the pavement and with the air getting cold the tires may have lost some pressure. Make sure all tires are inflated, have good tread depth and are properly rotated for the best winter traction.


This is an obvious one but for some reason we only realize it when we need it. Make sure your wiper blades are ready for ice, sleet and snow. If you are not sure just replace them to be safe.


Making sure your coolant is full and tests good is important. First if the freezing point has gotten too high it may cause the fluid to freeze causing a lot of damage to your engine. Also if your engine is low on coolant you may have a leak or air in the cooling system that may cause the vehicle not to heat properly. 


Not very often thought about, but in the winter more than any other time, make sure to have an emergency kit ready for cold winter weather. Make sure your kit has a blanket, candle, hand warmers, flash light and normal first aid equipment like bandages, gloves and scissors. In case you have any roadside blunders that may leave you stranded, an emergency kit may save your life or keep you warm till you get picked up. Stay safe on the roads this wintery season!

Written by Developer Autoshop