Now Hiring

Everyone knows every business is looking for employees right now. The Auto Repair industry actually has been in need of help for years. High school grads in the late 90’s were encouraged to attend 4 year colleges and not trade schools. This on top of pulling vocational training programs out of high schools have only hurt our industry more recently.

How do I learn to be a Mechanic?

Thankfully theres a big uptick in automotive training in community colleges and high schools are again starting to bring the program back, but that is not your only option with many employers now offering training while working and even paying for college courses as you work. Now you may think that this means you will be making nothing or close to nothing and that is not the truth at all. With an ever dwindling amount of mechanic shops, some are willing to pay great starting wages on top of training you to become the best in the industry. So remember when looking for a job ask the potential employer, what do you have to offer me and what is my future.

How does the Auto Repair Industry pay?

With Mechanics in high demand the pay has been increasing. Now pay scales and how you are paid may vary from location to location but shops are offering guarantees with bonus, hourly pay and flat rate. Most employers are probably willing to work some pay schedule to fit what makes you comfortable and well compensated. The industry has also changed to the point of offering every benefit that other industries offer like health and life insurance. Still ask and make sure you are getting what you need to be comfortable in life.

What does a day or week look like for a Mechanic?

Every job has its challenges and being a mechanic can also present some challenges. As you grow and work on more difficult jobs it can be a challenge both mentaly and physically. This is more physical than an office job and more mentaly challenging than flipping burgers. If you like figuring out or fixing what others cant, being a mechanic is a very rewarding career. One of my favorite parts of the career is seeing what I accomplished in hours or a day or two versus never accomplishing something or it taking months to complete. Also do you like weekends to yourself or with family? Auto Repair Shops are now taking to a Monday through Friday work week and are keeping a family oriented mind set so their employees can rest and reset for a productive work week. 

What does a mechanic’s future look like?

With technology changing every day the future brings more education and different vehicles to work on. I do not see the demand for mechanics to slow down because a person still needs to figure out problems and fix them by hand. With computers doing more of advertising, burger flipping, checking you out at the grocery store and even doing your accounting and taxes, I feel the hands on and educated mechanic with continuing education will be in the highest demand in the years to come.  I may be a big fan, as I’m already in the industry and want to drive every qualified person to become a mechanic, but the truth is dont be afraid of looking at it yourself or having your kids look at the industry post high school. With lots of growth and the low cost of education, getting in the field is a great option for anyone. 

Written by Developer Autoshop