Oxygen Sensor

Have you ever had a Check Engine Light (CEL) on and been told to Replace Oxygen Sensor? Some people assume that a Check Engine Light is just a Oxygen Sensor and this is not true. From my experience Oxygen Sensors are one of the most over replaced not needed parts that people replace. Now this does not mean by any means that replacing a Oxygen Sensor is a bad thang. Oxygen Sensors do were out and slow down over time leading to slower Fuel response and worse Emissions and Fuel Mileage but usually do not fix the problem you are trying to fix.  

How does a Oxygen Sensor Work? 

A Oxygen Sensor does just that seances the Oxygen levels in you Exhaust System (WOW). But the complicated thang is sometime air gets into the Exhaust System and causes the car to over Fuel. Like if you have a Miss Fire the Fuel and air don’t burn using oxygen causing the Oxygen Sensor to signal to increase Fuel even if it doesn’t need fuel this also can be caused from Exhaust Leaks. This is why a Mechanic is the best place to take your car to figure it out and correctly Repaired.  

Written by Developer Autoshop