Stolen Catalytic Converter

The last year has been hard for all in many ways. But some have been hit also with Stolen Catalytic Converter. This is a huge problem and is preventable but some wonder why. The cost of the metals that are used to make Catalytic Converters work. Like Rhodium has had a 131.9% increase or from $9,400 a ounce to $21,800 per ounce. Even the cost of raw Steel has increased 66.39% over the last year. This makes scrap price for a single Catalytic Converter increase from $20-40 to $150-250.  

How Can I Prevent a Stolen Catalytic Converter? 

We install Cat Clamps to help prevent Stolen Catalytic Converters. This system has locking clamps and a cable system that attaches to the vehicle so if cut the Catalytic Converter with stick with the Vehicle to truly cut it off you would need a torch and that would create more problems for them. You could also park your car in a garage. This is the best way to prevent a stolen Catalytic Converter but not everyone has access to a garage. And a helps but still get stolen is park in a busy area. This is not the best option but would help. We have seen Catalytic Converters Stolen from a Walmart during the day before so take that for whats its worth.  

And Can I Just Straight Pipe It? 

The short answer is No. Under state and Federal Law, Catalytic Converters may not be removed and replaced with \"Converter replacement pipes\" by any person. The 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments even prohibit private individuals from installing Converter replacement pipes on their own vehicles. The Link will explain that it is illegal for us to remove them and can result in a $25,000 fine per Catalytic Converter. This is why we and other Auto Repair Shop do not take part in Cat Deletes.

EPS Catalytic Converter Rules

Written by Developer Autoshop