The Problem With Skipping A Service

And Why You Need Routine Maintenance!

There you are sitting at the light, ready to drop the hammer. When the light turns green, you hit the gas, and the car sputters off the line. You're left to wonder what’s going on with your car, and worry there may be a severe problem with your ride. Most of the time, these problems can be solved with a simple service and/or repair. At Mad Hatter Muffler and Brakes in Council Bluffs, Iowa, we strive to help your vehicles’ performance when it begins to suffer. We’re going to tell you what happens to your car’s performance when you don’t service your vehicle.

Stopping Power is Reduced

Most good brakes between 30 to 60,000 miles, give or take your driving style. Brake rotors or discs, can last up to three times longer. When the brake system gets to the end of their life span, stopping becomes more difficult. Your brake pedal will travel further before the brakes engage and you finally stop. In addition, once your brake disc gets below a certain threshold, they’ll begin to squeak and grind. If this, you will need to visit a shop ASAP.

Car Is Ddown On Power

If you experience a loss of power while accelerating, or sputters during normal operation, some components may be at fault. Something as straightforward oil service could help cure some of the issue. Other components like the fuel filter, spark plugs, ignition coil, and exhaust will wear over time. As these parts wear, the engine will run less efficient and produce less power. In particular to note is the exhaust, which if it is not checked and serviced, has the potential of melting down and destroying itself.

Wear on the Muffler

A muffler performs two major functions on your vehicle; reduce noise and relieve back pressure on the engine’s valves. This improves performance and decreases wear. However, if a Muffler is not serviced, the back pressure can become imbalance, lessening the performance of the engine. Among the issues of a worn Muffler is rust and holes on the part. Rust occurs when condensations in the Muffler don't burn off. If a Muffler has any holes or opening, the whole exhaust system needs to be replaced.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, please feel free to call our dedicated staff at (402) 378-9441. With 40 years of experience, we have refined ourselves to provide the best care and service to our customers. Our ASE-certified technicians have extensive experience in the industry. They are ready to tackle your problem and get you back on the road. You can find our shop at3338 W. Broadway, by Rue and Franklin Elementary Schools in Council Bluffs, IA. We look forward to taking care of your problem.

Written by Developer Autoshop