Vehicle Heating System

With colder weather in Nebraska a properly working Car Heater is a necessary part of life. What most people don’t know is when your turn the knob to Heat or click the Defrost button a lot go into keeping you warm. 

Blower and Door System 

Blowers transfer the Heat and Air Conditioning though your vent system to your face. A important part of keeping your Blower from going bad is the Cabin Air Filter. When a Cabin Air Filter is plugged it causes the Blower to work harder and making it fail sooner. The Cabin Air Filter also keeps the air clean, pivot points in the doors clean and the Evaporator and Heater Core clean for better Heat Transfer.  

Coolant Level and Condition 

Low Coolant will cause air pockets in the cooling system that may cause over heating as well as No Heat issues. When air pockets get into the Heater Core they do not have the ability to transfer heat as well as Coolant/Antifreeze. Antifreeze Condition is also important because dirt or debris in the Cooling System can not only Cause a Radiator to Plug and Overheat but also a Heater Core to plug and cause No Heat. This is why Coolant Flushes regularly is an important tool to keep your Vehicle on the Road. 

A/C Working Properly 

What??? Its Winter I do not need A/C. That is not true, for your Defrost to properly work you need the Air Conditioning System to be running to remove the moisture from the passenger compartment to Clear the Windows. It may not seem right but the Heater will not remove the water vapor necessary to give you a clear view of the Road.  

I hope this has helped you Auto Repair knowledge and will set you up for a warm winter.  

Written by Developer Autoshop