What Do Spark Plugs Do

What Do Spark Plugs Do?

Spark plugs are what ignite the fuel in your gas engine. Spark plugs jobs are to create a spark in the cylinder of an engine to create a power stroke or make your engine turn and with the evolution of the engine the spark plug has had to change also. Lets find out why all spark plugs are not the same and why they go bad.

Why are Spark Plugs getting more Expensive?

As the engine has developed to have higher compression and more horse power the spark plug has had to adapt as well. Manufacturers have started to use Platinum and Iridium to extend the life of spark plugs and increase the quality of the spark than in older copper spark plugs. As the quality of the materials used has increased so has the price of spark plugs but they do last longer letting you get more miles out of them. 

How Do You Know Your Spark Plugs are Bad?

Spark plugs make a high voltage spark when this happens and over time burn down the metal material on both sides. Eventually the gap or space between the two sides will get large enough to not create a good spark consequently your car will not start. Corrosion can build up on both sides creating a resistance affecting the spark. Both of the conditions happen as the spark plugs age but are normal.

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