What is an Air Intake Tube?

What is an Air Intake Tube?

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What Does the Air Intake Do?

Vehicles need air, fuel, and spark for the engine to run properly. The air intake tube brings clean air from the air filter to the throttle body and into the engine. Having the tubing correctly sealed and attached will help the engine run properly. The air intake tube does vary from vehicle to vehicle but is an important tube.

Can a Bad Air Intake Tube Cause a Check Engine Light?

Yes, it CAN cause a check engine light. If the air tube is letting air in after the meeting sensor or mass air flow sensor, it will cause a check engine light to go off. If the air is not monitored correctly, it will cause the computer to not add the proper amount of fuel.

How Do I Know If My Air Intake Tube is on Correctly?

If you are concerned that your air intake tube is not installed correctly, we would recommend having a trained mechanic look over your vehicle. A mechanic will be able to inspect the air intake to make sure everything is hooked up correctly. Our team of trained mechanics will be happy to take a look if you suspect any issues. Please call either our Omaha location at (402) 330-2286 or our Council Bluffs location at (712) 322-7500.

Written by Mad Hatter Auto Repair