What is Leaking From My Car

Fluid Leaking from a Car or Truck can be a lot of things. To find the leak you need to know the location and color and the consistency of the Fluid Leaking. Some Vehicle Fluid Leaks will happen under pressure, when it is cold or even hot. Some fluids leak when the car is running and other Fluids leak when the Vehicle has been sitting. The best way to find Fluid Leaks is to have a Mechanic Near Me to look over the Vehicle for the Leaking Fluid. The Mechanic may need to Clean and Degrease the Engine compartment to clearly see the Leaking Fluid. The Mechanic may also need to do a Pressure Check or drive the vehicle to get the Fluid Leaking. Although looking at Fluid Stains may be a way to get an idea of the Leak, the Best way is to confirm by seeing the Leaking Fluid That way the Mechanic knows for sure where the problem is.  

Transmission Fluid 

Transmission Fluid is a red fluid and can leak from seals and lines. If you have not Changed your Transmission Fluid or Transmission Filter the fluid may have a reddish Brown look to it. Transmission Fluid is associated with the center of the Vehicle but with Transmission Cooler Lines may show up in Different areas under the vehicle. 


Oil is usually a black or very dark fluid. Most commonly Oil will leak when the vehicle is running. You will most likely find the Oil Leaking in the front of the Vehicle. Oil leaks can happen fast and starve your Engine for Lubrication and cause larger issues. 

Brake Fluid 

Brake Fluid When leaking is a clear fluid when clean. If brake fluid has not been serviced, it may look like a brownish fluid. Most commonly, leaks are seen at the wheels although brake fluid can leak the entire length of the Vehicle and will cause a low Brake Pedal. You should not drive the Vehicle if you suspect Leaking Brake Fluid. Do not try to drive the vehicle! 

Coolant or Antifreeze 

Coolant leaks can show up as a variety of colors. Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Red depending on the car you have. When people see a leak in the very front of the vehicle, they instantly think Coolant Leak. The Coolant can leak almost under the entire vehicle with Rear Heat, but most likely the Antifreeze will Leak under the front of the engine. Coolant if hitting the hot Engine or Exhaust will give off almost a sweat smell. 

Power Steering Fluid 

Power Steering Fluid is a Redish or a light Brown fluid unless dirty it may look like Engine Oil. This is most found in the Engine Compartment and when low will cause a high pitch squealing noise from the Power Steering Pump. 

Gear Lube 

Gear Lube is usually in Differential and Transfer Cases. Leaks will usually show up between the front or rear wheels or in the direct middle of the Vehicle.  

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