Why are catalytic converters being stolen?

Catalytic converters are being stolen for scrap. With the price of everything going up and the new uses of precious metals in vehicles and other technology, the metal in a catalytic converter is worth a lot. Metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium make up the converter.  As costs are driving up, so is the value of these metals.

  • Platinum is $1,090.00 per ounce
  • Palladium is $2,363.00 per ounce
  • Rhodium is $18,400.00 per ounce

With this and the need for devices like catalytic converters to keep our air clean, the demand for the metals will not go down anytime soon. This asks the question, how can we stop people from stealing them to save ourselves the time, stress and money?

How to stop people from stealing catalytic converters 

  1. Park in a garage or area that is not easily accessible. If they cannot get in and out fast and unnoticed, they will most likely not try to steal the catalytic converter. If that is not an option, then a well lit, high traffic area is the next best choice. Thieves tend to target low traffic dark areas to steal from. 
  2. Theft deterrent devices like a cat clamp usually keeps them from messing with it. We have only ever seen one cat clamp cut off and they had to use a torch and almost all people stealing them will not come with a torch. Also depending on the vehicle, some companies make a plate to cover the bottom of the vehicle to not allow access to the catalytic converter. 
  3. High temp paint has been suggested but we have seen several catalytic converters that were painted, still stolen. This only affects thieves that are turning converters into people who are honest. There are core buyers that come into the area from other parts of the country that do not care. When they come to town, this is when an uptick in thefts occurs.

As my grandfather told me, a lock only keeps honest people honest. To truly stop anyone from stealing anything is hard, but trying to take steps to stop it, is the best you can do. Remember, where you park is probably the most important step to stopping catalytic converter theft. Feel free to contact us at either Mad Hatter Auto Repair location with questions. In Council Bluffs at (402)513-9436 or in Omaha at (402)512-5923.

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