Why Do My Brakes Squeak

Why Do My Brakes Squeak? 

Brakes Squeak for several reasons and to figure out what is exactly causing the Brake Squeak we recommend having a Brake Inspection including a test drive done to determine the exact cause. Every Mechanic has heard “all it needs is Brake Pads” but that is not always the answer. A simple “Brake Pad Slap”, as some Mechanics call it, can lead to The Brake Squeak remaining even after New Brake Pads are installed. So here are some reasons your Brakes will Squeak. 

Brake Pads 

Yes, you guessed it. Brake Pads can Squeak from the Brake Pad or Brake Sensor. When the Brake Pad or Brake Shoes get low, a Brake Sensor will come into contact with the Brake Rotors or Brake Drums. This will make a Squeak or Squealing noise that can be heard by the driver, passengers and other cars. When this happens get your car into your Mechanic. The further you push Low Brake Pads or Worn Out Brake Shoes the closer you will get to causing more damage to other Brake components.  

Brake Dust or Rust 

Brake dust can get in the Brake Pads shims and guides causing a squeaking noise when the brake is applied and released, and the Brake Pad moves back and forth. This can also be caused by rust build up from poor driving conditions also. The best way to fix the Brake Noise is to remove the Brake Pads and clean and lubricate the Brake Pad Guides and Shims or replace them with new shims and guides.  

Warped Brake Rotors  

When Brake Rotors are warped it can cause the Brake Caliper to move back and forth in the guides. This is what the guides are designed to do but Brake Dust or surface rust can cause a Squeak to happen. And yes, the Brake Rotors can be warped and not cause a Brake Vibration that you can feel.  

Suspension Noise 

I know what you are thinking “But I am pushing on the Brakes”. Yes, you are but the act of Braking can cause a weight shift in your Car or Truck. This can cause the load on the suspension to shift causing Suspension Bushing. Ball Joints and Shocks must adjust and if they Squeak it may seem to you as a Brake Squeak. Suspension Squeaks are sometimes mistaken for Brake Squeaks so making sure your Mechanic is replacing the correct parts is important to save you money.  

Written by Developer Autoshop