Why Does My Car Shake

A Shaking Vehicle will send chills up your spine. The lack of control you feel, and the risk of an accident is not a good feeling. Shaking can be caused by many parts of a vehicle and can be felt at different times and speeds. A good Mechanic will figure out the exact problem and give you the best steps to fix your Shaking Issue. Here are a few of the causes and when you might feel them. 

Car Shaking When Braking  

This is usually caused by the Brakes and Brake Rotors. Brake Rotors when worn down and exposed to high temperatures, will cause the Brake Rotors to warp. This is a problem and will give your steering wheel a shake. The problem will start showing up at high speeds and Braking obviously. As the Brake Rotors get worse, it will cause shaking at lower speeds. A Good Mechanic will recommend new Brake Pads AND Brake Rotors. They are not trying to charge you more by recommending both. Just cutting more metal off the Brake Rotor will make it more likely to heat warp after the repair and you will find yourself back in the shop.  

Car Shakes when I go Faster 

Higher Speed Vibrations are usually a Tire issue. Tires can get out of Balance, and this shows up more frequently at higher speeds. On occasion, a Tire will have a vibration at lower speeds and then go away. This is usually an issue with the structure of the Tire and called a Slipped or Broken Tire Belt. This issue can only be fixed by Replacing Tires. Sometimes a Slipped Belt can be a Manufacturers Defect but around Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa, it is usually the dreaded pothole issues we have that cause this issue. 

Car Shakes When Turning or Hitting Bumps 

This usually happens with an Alignment issue or loose Suspension Parts. When driving straight down the road the stress is constant and steady. When you hit a bump or make a turn the weight of the Vehicle shifts on the Suspension Parts and any play in the Suspension Parts will show up. Having a Mechanic check out the Suspension and Wheel Bearing to make sure what is wrong is the best thing to do. Some Ball Joints and other Control Arm Bushings may need to be properly loaded or unloaded to check them. Remember to ALWAYS get an alignment when servicing Suspension and Steering Parts.  

Remember that any Shaking or Vibrations felt when driving is NOT a good thing. A proper Suspension check will help find any problem. Just remember to Tell your Mechanic all the details about your Shaking or Vibrations so they can accurately diagnose the problem.  

Written by Developer Autoshop