Why is a Good Mechanic Hard to Find

Good Mechanics are people who have may talents and abilities. To work on modern cars, you need to know Electrical Wiring, Current and Electrical Flow like an Electrician. A Mechanic Must know Fluid flow and Hydraulic dynamics like a Plumber and Computer Diagnostic and Coding like a computer programmer or software engineer. Mechanics also must know structural and mechanical design like an engineer. Mechanics must have the physical and mental ability to dissemble and reassemble complex components and maintain a tool collection to do so.  


Most modern-day Mechanics have attended college on top of a rigorous continuing education schedule. At our shop, all Mechanics do between 40 to 80 hours a year of classes and training. The training does not often cover everything, and most mechanics learn thought research and testing on the job as well. Sometimes we feel jealous of doctors that get to Practice because lets face it, they have had 1 make and 2 models that are always the same. Every year Mechanics are expected to master many more makes and models of Vehicles. 2020, for example, there were 43 new models released on top of changes to current models on the market.  

New Mechanics 

Our industry has been hit hard by the lack of Shop or Industrial classes in high schools introducing students to the automotive industry. Even though there are many scholarships and grants available on top of many employers willing to pay for training the industry, there is still a huge shortage of new Mechanics. I have even worked as a teacher at a local college to only find out of a starting class of 40 we were lucky to graduate 5 by the end of the program. This is a huge problem for the future of the Auto Repair industry and the costs of vehicle repair because right now in Omaha alone there is around 150+ job openings with colleges in the area only graduating around 40 a year. This compounded with the average age of 42 most mechanics are approaching the end of their careers. Throughout the 2020 recession or Covid shutdowns job openings for Mechanics increased 17%. 

Do you know someone who might be thinking of getting in the field? 

I am always happy to talk to anyone who is interested in entering the Automotive Industry, especially mechanics. Though we cannot hire everyone, I am always happy to answer any questions and put you in touch with the proper people in the industry to get you going. If you have a child or a friend that are thinking of entering a field that computers will never replace, just give me a call so I can help you out. 

Written by Developer Autoshop