Why Is My Brake Light On

Why is My Brake Light On? 

The little red Brake Light on the dashboard is an important Warning Light. The Brake Light is signaling that something is wrong with the Braking System. The Red Brake Light has to do with the normal Braking or Hydraulic Brake system. The ABS Light is the one that will affect the ABS Braking but will not cause any normal Brake System problems, but here are some problems that may cause the Brake Light to be on.  

Low Brake Pads 

Low Brake Pads can cause the Brake Light to be on. When the Brake Pads get low, and the Brake Fluid is not topped off it will trigger the Brake Level Sensor to turn on the light. Thin Brake Pads will cause the Brake Caliper to extend out further requiring more fluid to be in the Brake Caliper and not the Brake Master Cylinder. This is not that big of an issue to fix just a simple Brake Job and Brake Fluid Flush, depending on the Brake Fluid Condition. 

Brake Fluid Leak 

This is a problem and can cause some major Braking issues. Like above when the Brake Fluid is low, it will trigger the Brake Fluid Level Sensor to turn the Brake Light on. Not all Brake Fluid Leaks are giant pouring on the floor leaks. Some leaks may be small and slower Like a Brake Master Cylinder or a Brake Wheel Cylinder in the rear drums. No matter the size of the leak it is very important to fix all Brake Fluid Leaks. 

Parking Brake On 

Yep, this is a simple one. I know you did not forget, and it was your kids or spouse, but this is a quick one you can check from the seat of your car. Driving with the Parking Brake on can cause a lot more issues that just hitting the release, so I recommend checking it out first. 

Bad Brake Level Sensor 

We do see this one, but it is usually in combination with another problem. We commonly see that when Brake Fluid is not serviced regularly, the fluid gets low, or fluid is topped off, but the light remains on. This is from dirt and debris causing the sensor to stick. Most times the sensor is in the Brake Master Cylinder and Replacing the Brake Master Cylinder is the only way to fix it. This is a problem that can be prevented by Brake Fluid Services to make sure your braking system is in the best shape possible.  

No matter what issue is causing your Brake Light to be on, getting it checked by a Qualified Mechanic is always your best bet. A Properly Functioning Brake system is the most important system for you and all the other people on the road.  

Written by Developer Autoshop