Why is My Car Loud

Is your Car or Truck making a New Noise? This is a sign that there is a problem going on. Everything on your car can make Noises from Brake Pads to the Engine Barings. Different Noises are signs of Different issues and I will go through and try to cover a couple of them for you.  

Loud Roaring Noise 

A loud Roaring Noise is often associated with Exhaust System failure or a Bad Muffler. Though this is the most common issue with this description there are other issues that we find. A Wheel Bearing or some other Drive Line Bearing can cause this issue. Although an Exhaust part falling off your car can cause more damage, a Bad Bearing can put you stuck on the side of the road.  

Squeaking Noise 

When a Squeaking Noise occurs, we automatically think of the Brake Pads. This is the most common problem associated with a Squeak. But Suspension Components like Ball Joints and Struts can make that noise when settling down to a stop. Also Drive Belts and Idler Bearings can make Squeaking noises. In the end, there is more than your Brake Pads that can be the issue.  

Grinding Noise 

Grinding Noise, or as I call it, the get your car in shop ASAP and tell them it just started making noise.  Everybody jumps straight to Brake Pads and Rotors, but things like Wheel Bearings can cause this also. We have even seen people call in for Brake Pads when it was a Water Pump gone bad. We do not in any way recommend driving your vehicle when a Grinding is happening because you are putting you and others in danger. If something breaks bad, you are only going to cost yourself more money by doing more damage.  

This is not all the noises a Vehicle can make but it does cover the most common ones. Remember if your car is making a Noise, it will most likely not go away and in the worst case cause more damage that will cost you more money in the long run. The easiest way to figure out your problem is Schedule an appointment to see your Local Mechanic to figure out the problem and the Best Repair for you.  

Written by Developer Autoshop