Why Is My Car Overheating

Why Is My Car Overheating? 

Out of all problems, a Car Overheating is one you should not continue to drive on. Modern Engines are made of a lot of aluminum and plastics to reduce weight and cost of production. These types of materials will have more problems with Overheating conditions. Server Overheating can cause materials to warp causing leaks and more costly repairs.

What should I do when my Car Is Overheating? 

STOP! You should pull over to the side of the road at a safe place like a parking lot or at least out of the way of traffic. I know most people’s first response is to open the hood and mess with the Coolant System, but this is the best way to end up with severe burns or in a hospital. Opening the Radiator Cap at this point could cause you to be sprayed with Antifreeze at 260 degrees or be hit by steam that could be in upward of 300 degrees!!  The Best thing to do is call a Tow Truck and have your Vehicle Towed to a Certified Auto Repair Shop. 

But Why Is My Car Overheating? 

Vehicle Overheating issues can be caused by several factors. If Coolant or Antifreeze Levels are low, it can cause the vehicle to Be Overheating because Coolant transfers heat better than air in the system. An Antifreeze Leak or Coolant Leak would cause the coolant to be low resulting in the previous statement. Bad Water Pumps or a stuck Thermostat would cause the Coolant to not flow to the Radiator to get rid of the Engine heat. A bad Head Gasket could push hot Combustion Gas into the Cooling System Causing hot air and Overheating.  

Just remember your Car or Truck is important to you and your family and having your Cooling System checked and properly Maintained by a Trusted Mechanic is the best way to prevent any Overheating problems. Though unforeseen problems may happen where you try to push your car past its wearing points, keep in mind it will only cause more expensive Auto Repair Bills down the road. 

Written by Developer Autoshop