Why is My Check Engine Light On

Why is My Check Engine Light On? 

Why is My Check Engine Light On, is the question that every Mechanic has no answer to over the phone. Cars and Trucks can have around 5000 different Check Engine Light Codes. A Check Engine Light Code is not a silver bullet for a fix, but a cars way of telling you how it feels. So, a Check Engine Light is like an idea of a diagnostic path to follow to find the Vehicles running issue.  

What Should I do When a Check Engine Light is On? 

This is a simple one. Call your Mechanic! A great Mechanic and/or Service Advisor will guide you through the process. Keep in Mind though, that a Great Mechanic will have a Charge for a service, years of experience, costly diagnostic tools and software needed to find your problem. And yes, I know a parts store will pull codes for free and some shops will also do that, but the info you really are getting is your car has a tummy ache or headache and not actually what the problem is. So always refer to your Mechanic or Service Advisor for the guidance you need. 

How Much Will It Cost to Fix my Check Engine Light? 

The truth is your Mechanic does not know. I know this is not the information you are looking for but sometimes you need the hard truth. Some Check Engine Light fixes are simple fixes that make you wonder why you even worried and some are major repair. Keeping you Check Engine Light off is important, so you do not mask big problems with small problems. Your Vehicle does not have a more important light than the Check Engine Light. 

Written by Developer Autoshop