Why is My Service Brake System Light On?

Troubleshooting Reasons for Service Brake System Indicator is On

It goes without saying that having the ability to stop a vehicle is just as important as it being able to go. If your brakes are in need of service, it could have significant impacts on your ability to stop your car when you press on the brake pedal. The good news is your car will often be able to warn you when your brakes are in need of service.

The Service Brake System light on your car is an indication that there's a problem in the hydraulic part of the braking system. Whenever this light appears, you should take it as a serious warning and get your brakes checked by the experts mechanics at Mad Hatter Auto Repair, serving both the Omaha and Council Bluffs areas.

Common Causes

While there may be several things that could generate the service brake system light coming on, three of the most common causes are:

  1. Low Fluid Levels: This can happen when brake fluid has leaked from the system or if it's been overfilled.
  2. Worn Brake Pads: Leads to brakes feeling "spongy" and less responsive than normal
  3. Faulty Master Cylinder: Causes a reduced amount of pressure in the hydraulic braking system, resulting in a longer stopping distance.

Local Leader for Brake Repair Services - Mad Hatter Auto Repair

If any of these issues are the reason your service brake system light is on, Mad Hatter Auto Repair can provide you with the services needed to fix it. We will perform a complete inspection of your brake system and make sure all components are functioning properly. If necessary, we will repair or replace any faulty parts, such as brake pads or the master cylinder.

If you are experiencing any of the issues listed here, please call us today! In Omaha call (402) 330-2286 and in Council Bluffs call (712) 322-7500.

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