Will Brakes Bleed Themselves

The simple answer to this question is NO! The brake hydraulic system is a closed system leaving no way to purge the air by itself. This means the only way to properly bleed the brakes is to have a certified and trained mechanic do it or try it yourself.

What are bleeding brakes?

Bleeding brakes is a process in which new fluid is pushed into the brake hydraulic system and air is pushed out. This process can be done mechanically by opening the brake bleeder screws and letting the gravity push the fluid and air through the system. You sometimes may have to push the brake pedal down adding more pressure to push the air through the lines. With ABS systems in newer cars, you may need to hook a capable scan tool up to do an ABS system bleeding process. No matter what process is being used, a qualified person should be doing the job for safety.

How do I bleed my brakes?

We recommend looking up the proper procedure for your vehicle. Open bleeders furthest from the master cylinder and bleed until no air is present. Working your way to the closest bleeder is the most common process. We still recommend looking up the procedure per your vehicle before proceeding with the process.

Who can bleed my brakes?

Most mechanics know how to properly bleed brakes. They should be trained and have the proper tools to get all the air out. Some people are able to do it on their own, but may not have the proper tools if an ABS system needs to be activated to get all the air out. Remember the braking system is a major safety issue if not properly working. If you doubt what you are doing, give us a call at Mad Hatter Auto Repair in Omaha (402)512-5923 or Council Bluffs (402)513-9436

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