Your Career In Auto Repair Is Waiting!

A Car Repair Career for Everyone

If you were born with a wrench in your hand, you might be very comfortable pursuing a career in automotive repair. If you weren't, perhaps you've dismissed the possibility of working in this industry. Your inner voice may scold you, "A career related to vehicles for me?" Yes, you! No matter your specific interest or talent, there's a niche in the auto repair industry for you. Stop by Mad Hatter Auto Repair in Council Bluffs, Iowa, to catch a glimpse of a few career options in action.

A Niche for Every Talent

Working in the auto repair field is about enjoying transportation and assisting people. This can be done through a service or repair shop that's independently owned or part of a franchise, at the dealership, or in a body/collision shop. You'll find specialized jobs at each one of these places. For instance, you might work on vehicles as a mechanic/automotive technician, become a service writer, repair damage as a collision technician, manage the service department, or perform other related essential tasks. There are even high specialized niches within these areas. Do you want to focus on particular repair points like transmissions, climate control, or brakes? Do you prefer making more general repairs? Likewise, do you want to spend your days as an expert painter, or do you want to vary your tasks across general bodywork? As you can see, you have the opportunity to find what makes you happiest. Also, you can work in the field without ever touching a car. Think of the specialists who staff insurance companies, auto parts stores, parts manufacturers/distributors, and educational institutions. No matter which appeals to you, you're sure to lend a helping hand to drivers/vehicle owners.

Get Started!

Are you ready for that new career? Get started today! Depending on your choice, necessary training can range from on-the-job to an engineering degree. You're likely to need some amount of formal training, and a combination of education and experience is common. For instance, ASE certification requires training, experience, and satisfactory test performance to earn each certification. Certificates are issued in eight individual repair areas, and you can also pursue Master Certification. There are also modules for advanced/alternative topics such as collision work, heavy-duty repair, diesel engines, etc. Most community colleges also offer certification programs and/or Associate Degrees. If you enjoy technology, notice that vehicle manufacturers are adding more and more high-tech gadgets, features, and functions to cars. They'll be needing you! Be aware that you may need to keep up with the ever-advancing industry through workshops or recertifications. See us at Mad Hatter Auto Repair. We'll be glad to share what we do.

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