Does Your Vehicle’s A/C Leave You Hot Under the Collar?

Why Your Car's Air Conditioner is Not Cooling

When the temperature outside is really hot, there's nothing better than jumping into a cool car and setting out on your drive. However, if you find yourself in the uncomfortable situation of having an air conditioner (A/C) that isn't cooling off your car, it can be quite disheartening - not to mention extremely stuffy and warm!

Tips for Keeping Your A/C System Running Cool!

Here are some of the problems and solutions for getting your car ready for summer temps and cooling correctly once again.

  • Check the refrigerant level of your car air conditioner to make sure it's not low. If the level is too low, the air conditioning won't work as efficiently, which can leave you feeling hot and uncomfortable during those scorching summer days. Failing to check the refrigerant level can also lead to costly repairs down the road.
  • Change the air filters, if necessary, to improve air flow in the system. If your system seems to be struggling to circulate cool or warm air, it may be time to check your air filters and have them changed if they are full of dust and debris.
  • Inspect for any signs of visible damage in the air conditioning system's ducting or hoses. Small tears or cracks in the hoses and ducting can cause leaks, reduce energy efficiency, and compromise vehicle air quality. Catching these cracks and leaks early can save money in the future for you.
  • Listen for any strange squealing or rattling when you turn on your car's A/C. Strange noises coming from the A/C system when it's turned on could indicate a problem with the compressor. This can be a costly repair if not addressed early on, so it's important to have it checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

Mad Hatter Auto Repair - Auto A/C Experts in Omaha and Council Bluffs

Taking care of your car's air conditioner today will help provide excellent performance for years to come, so if your car's A/C isn't keeping you cool now as we ramp into summer come see us at Mad Hatter Auto Repair. In Omaha call (402) 330-2286 and in Council Bluffs (712) 322-7500.

Written by Developer Autoshop