How to Know if Your Car’s A/C is Bad There’s nothing quite like driving on a hot summer Midwest day with a broken car air conditioner. It can make your vehicle feel like an oven, causing discomfort and making you lose focus on the road. As a driver, this can be frustrating and even dangerous. […]

Does Your Vehicle’s A/C Leave You Hot Under the Collar?

Why Your Car’s Air Conditioner is Not Cooling When the temperature outside is really hot, there’s nothing better than jumping into a cool car and setting out on your drive. However, if you find yourself in the uncomfortable situation of having an air conditioner (A/C) that isn’t cooling off your car, it can be quite […]

How to Make Your Auto’s AC Colder

Colder, Please! Most of us know the iconic line from the 1980’s song “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!” While that makes for some great dance moves, it’s not so fun if that describes your driving experience due to a poorly functioning air conditioning system in your vehicle. If you’re feeling a little warmer than you’d like […]

How Do I Know if My Car’s A/C is Ready for Summer?

Making Sure Your Vehicle Will Keep You Cool!     With the weather starting to warm up you don’t want to be caught sweating in your car. There are things you can do and check to make sure your vehicle’s air conditioner is ready for summer, just like your home A/C unit. Some of the […]

Why Does My AC Smell

Why Does my Cars AC Smell?  Springtime is here and the Air Conditioning is getting turned on, but you have a Musty Smell Coming from the Vents. This is caused by Mold or Mildew in the Heating and Air Conditioning System. This problem can be solved and Prevented with a few steps.  Cleaning Evaporator, Heating and Cooling Box  […]

Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

With the temperatures rising, how your Air Conditioning is performing will be at the top of your mind. You may be wondering what I should do to make sure my AC is on point. That is a good question and there are many things you can have done to make sure your Air Conditioning is […]

Air Conditioning Not Working

Air Conditioning has become a must have and no longer is a nice option like in the old days. With the hot sunbaked days to come as we are just starting spring, we all cross our fingers and click that A/C button. That magical switch engages the Clutch, activates Switches so the Refrigerant can get to flowing. […]