How Do I Know if My Car’s A/C is Ready for Summer?

Making Sure Your Vehicle Will Keep You Cool!



With the weather starting to warm up you don't want to be caught sweating in your car. There are things you can do and check to make sure your vehicle's air conditioner is ready for summer, just like your home A/C unit. Some of the things you can do on your own and some your mechanic may need to look at. In either situation, keep in mind the following suggestions by the experts at Mad Hatter Auto Repair, with locations in Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

If your vehicle has a cabin air filter remember that they do get dirty and plug up. Mold, mildew and viral particles are several reasons to replace them on a regular basis. When they do plug up, you will have decreased flow that will cause more stress on the blower motor and cause premature failure. Be sure your cabin air filter is ready for the summer!

Clean Your Radiator

With the heat coming this summer, a free flowing radiator and condenser is important to cooling the air conditioner down, along with your engine. Dirt, leaves, bugs, and other debris can cause restrictions and higher operating temperatures in the engine and your air conditioner.

Freon Level and Pressure

For this one you will need a trained mechanic to test and inspect. Running low on freon will cause the air conditioning to not work as well and cause potential damage to the compressor. Oil in the system will not flow when low on freon, causing damage to the compressor, making a quick check cheap compared to an expensive repair down the road.

Your Local Auto A/C Experts - Mad Hatter Auto Repair!

The trained mechanics at Mad Hatter Auto Repair will be happy to inspect your vehicle's A/C system to make sure you are ready for the summer. Now is the time to prepare so that you don't get caught in the heat! Like always, you can give us a call at either our Omaha, NE (402) 330-2286 or Council Bluffs, IA (712) 322-7500 locations to schedule an appointment. We're happy to help you keep cool his summer!

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