Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

With the temperatures rising, how your Air Conditioning is performing will be at the top of your mind. You may be wondering what I should do to make sure my AC is on point. That is a good question and there are many things you can have done to make sure your Air Conditioning is ready to keep you cool.  

Why is My Air Not Blowing as Hard as It Used To? 

This can be many things, but most are just a quick fix. First, we should check your Cabin Air Filter. Over time the Cabin Air Filter Can become dirty and restrict the Air Flow. Next is the Air Conditioning. Evaporators can become dirty collecting dust and dirt causing restricted air flow. This can be fixed with a cleaning of the HVAC Box and AC Evaporator. This can also help if you have a musty or mold smell when first turning on your Air Conditioning.  

How Do I Make Sure My Air Conditioning is Ready for The Summer? 

A Good Mechanic can do Temperature Checks and Pressure Checks to make sure your AC System is Ready for the Season. It is especially important to have the Freon in you AC System at proper charge. Low and Over Charged Air Conditioning Systems can cause damage to the Air Conditioning Compressor. Also checking the Air Conditioning Condenser to make sure it is clear of debris and dirt for the air to flow freely is important. This will not only help you stay cool but also help your Engine by allowing more air flow thought the Radiator.  

Written by Developer Autoshop