Why Does My AC Smell

Why Does my Cars AC Smell? 

Springtime is here and the Air Conditioning is getting turned on, but you have a Musty Smell Coming from the Vents. This is caused by Mold or Mildew in the Heating and Air Conditioning System. This problem can be solved and Prevented with a few steps. 

Cleaning Evaporator, Heating and Cooling Box 

The Smell in Vents is caused by Mold and Mildew or moisture build up on the Air Conditioning Evaporator. Tearing apart the dash and cleaning will solve the problem, but so will doing a BG Climate Control Service. This will Clean the Air Conditioning Evaporator and Box of any Mold, Mildew or Fungi that could be causing your smell.  

Changing your Cabin Air Filter 

Changing your Cabin Air Filter is important to keeping debris out of the Air Conditioning Ventilation System. This can reduce Air Flow and good air quality and flow will help keep the Ventilation system dry to prevent future problems. Remember Replacing Cabin Air Filter should be a regular once a year Service. 

Regular Ventilation System Cleaner 

We Use the BG Frigi -Fresh Vent Cleaning for a Preventative Service and to freshen up the Heating and Air Conditioning System. This will keep Mold and Fungi from forming or kill tiny amounts that may be in the system. Along with a Cabin Air Filter your system will keep fresh air delivered to you all Spring and Summer long. 

Written by Developer Autoshop