Why is My Car’s Air Conditioning Not Working?

Common Causes of Malfunctioning A/C Systems

A vehicle's air conditioning system operates by pumping freon through high and low pressure to absorb heat on the inside and move it to the outside. If your A/C is not operating properly, there could be several things wrong with it, including electrical issues, a freon leak, or a lack of pressure.

Does My Car Need Freon?

Your vehicle's A/C system operates with a specific amount of freon in the system. An undercharge or overcharge of freon will cause a cooling issue. When your A/C is not working, adding freon is not always the answer, even if freon is needed. The air conditioning system is a sealed system and could leak out again. Proper recovery and recharge with a leak check will guarantee better performance.

Don't Collapse Under Pressure

Pressure changes in the system are how the A/C system transports heat through the system. An issue with the system pressure can cause big problems! Pressure issues could be caused by a bad A/C compressor, dirty condenser, bad metering valve, or even damaged lines. Proper testing is the best way to find the restriction of problem in the system.

Other Issues

Electrical issues like bad sensors, clutches, or control modules could cause the air conditioner not to work. This takes pinpoint electrical testing and diagnostics. A properly trained mechanic will be able to figure out any problems you may have!

Your A/C Specialists

While dumping some freon may get you a little colder, it will probably not fix your problem in the long run. If your A/C is full of hot air, give Mad Hatter Auto Repair a call! Our properly trained mechanics can troubleshoot your issue and get your vehicle ready to keep you cool on during those hot summer months! If you're in the Omaha area, call (402) 330-2286, and if you're in Council Bluffs, call (712) 322-7500 to schedule an appointment!

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