Car insurance for drivers with criminal convictions

Never did I imagine that a time would come when having a previous criminal conviction would be a hindrance to getting affordable car insurance. Even a 'slap on the wrist' reprimand still appears on ones criminal record with the potential to make it difficult to get affordable car insurance. But it makes sense when you consider the pubic interest that is sought to be protected by increasing car insurance for drivers with criminal convictions.

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A person with a previous conviction for a violent crime shouldn't be able to get a license, let alone be seen behind the wheel of a car. More so, with terrorists deciding to ditch suicide bomb attacks in preference to mowing down unsuspecting pedestrians, the need for control has never been so pressing. 

What counts as a criminal conviction?

An guilty conviction amounts to a criminal conviction regardless of the severity of the offence. An admission of guilt also amounts to a criminal conviction.

Between a Rock And A Hard Place

Driving a car without motor vehicle insurance is already illegal. To add salt to injury, having a previous conviction will in all probability make car insurance a lot costlier. Talk about being in a catch twenty two situation! Be that as it may, there are ways to keep your premiums low.

* Drive less. The lower your mileage, the lower your insurance premiums.

* Invest in security upgrades like alarms and tracking devices. Reducing the risk of theft or post-theft recovery is another way to reduce your premiums.

* Drive safely. Despite having a previous conviction already, you can make things worse by getting involved in car accidents regularly.

* Telematics insurance. You install a black box recording device in your car to measure your driving behaviour. At the end of the month you take the recordings to your insurer and he will readjust your policy according to the recorded reading patterns. This is just like your regular insurance policy. However, it is a more realistic way to determine a driver's risk factor. 

* Spent convictions. With the passage of time previous convictions cease to appear on ones criminal record. Provide proof in order to get your premiums revised.

What motor vehicle insurance is available?

It's like the regular car insurance you'd get if you didn't have a criminal record. It covers just about anything, from damage to your car, personal injury, as well as covering third parties who sustain the same. The only real difference is that it's more expensive than regular car insurance.