I Hit a Pothole and my Car Shakes

Tis the season for the two bed one-bathroom Potholes in the Omaha Metro Area. The Potholes can cause more than just Tire and Rim Damage. The impact from a pothole hit will affect the weakest link on your Vehicle. Our Mechanics have seen everything from Bent Rims to Bent Shocks and Struts. The Impact will also affect […]

Why is My Car Loud

Is your Car or Truck making a New Noise? This is a sign that there is a problem going on. Everything on your car can make Noises from Brake Pads to the Engine Barings. Different Noises are signs of Different issues and I will go through and try to cover a couple of them for you.   Loud […]

Why is a Good Mechanic Hard to Find

Good Mechanics are people who have may talents and abilities. To work on modern cars, you need to know Electrical Wiring, Current and Electrical Flow like an Electrician. A Mechanic Must know Fluid flow and Hydraulic dynamics like a Plumber and Computer Diagnostic and Coding like a computer programmer or software engineer. Mechanics also must […]

What is Leaking From My Car

Fluid Leaking from a Car or Truck can be a lot of things. To find the leak you need to know the location and color and the consistency of the Fluid Leaking. Some Vehicle Fluid Leaks will happen under pressure, when it is cold or even hot. Some fluids leak when the car is running and other Fluids leak […]

Hybrid Battery Replacement

Hybrid Cars may have seemed like a fad years ago, but they are here to stay. Hybrid Batteries have developed with the years, but still lose capacity and power. This is normal for any Battery kind of like the R/C cars from our childhood. At first, they go for a long time and are super-fast […]

Tire is Losing Pressure

Low Tire? No Problem  Youre Driving down the road and see the Tire Pressure Light pop on. Immediately it becomes a big concern, as it should. As you drive, the friction between the Tire and Road causes heat and pressure to increase so when a Tire Light comes on while driving, this is something where […]