Stolen Catalytic Converter

The last year has been hard for all in many ways. But some have been hit also with Stolen Catalytic Converter. This is a huge problem and is preventable but some wonder why. The cost of the metals that are used to make Catalytic Converters work. Like Rhodium has had a 131.9% increase or from $9,400 a ounce to […]

Oxygen Sensor

Have you ever had a Check Engine Light (CEL) on and been told to Replace Oxygen Sensor? Some people assume that a Check Engine Light is just a Oxygen Sensor and this is not true. From my experience Oxygen Sensors are one of the most over replaced not needed parts that people replace. Now this does not mean […]

Mobile Mechanic

Mechanic is a older term used in the Auto Repair industry. When a Auto Repair Technician hears Mechanic they think of the guy who can just Install Parts and not truly Diagnose a Car Running Issue. But to the Mechanic or Mobile Mechanic and the pros and cons of them.  Mechanic at a Auto Repair Facility  Most Mechanic at a Auto Repair facility […]

Auto Repair Near Me

Mad Hatter is always striving to offer the Best Mechanic Repairs in Omaha NE area. We offer a Full 3 Year and 36,000 Mile Warranty to back that up. Though we are known for Brake Repair and Exhaust Repair we also are a Full Service Auto Repair Shop. Having two locations one in Omaha Ne 68144 and Council […]

No Start Big Problem

Testing Batteries before doing an Auto Diagnostics is important to make sure all Voltages are correct so test readings are not off. Also a CCA or Cold Cranking Amperage is a good sign of soon to fail Battery. On Newer Vehicle Battery in more important than ever because not only is it turning the Starter but powering up Engine […]

Vehicle Heating System

With colder weather in Nebraska a properly working Car Heater is a necessary part of life. What most people don’t know is when your turn the knob to Heat or click the Defrost button a lot go into keeping you warm.  Blower and Door System  Blowers transfer the Heat and Air Conditioning though your vent […]


At Mad Hatter Muffler and Brakes we have been known for the Best Exhaust and Brake Repairs in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area for 40+ years. And we love being known for Muffler Replacement, we are also a Full Service Auto Repair Facility. Our Automotive Technicians spend at least 40 hours a year on continuing education into all […]