IS MY CAR READY FOR WINTER? Winter driving and cold weather has finally come upon us for the close of 2021 and the start of 2022 may have you asking if your vehicle is ready. With cold weather, snow and ice, vehicles are going to run into the hardest part of the year. Read […]


Is your boss as cool as ours? Take our quiz and find out if your boss is as cool as ours! Likes to have company parties and get togethers? YES NO Likes to have fun with games and competitions for the employees? YES ย  NO Tells you to spend your weekend with family and friends […]

What Do Spark Plugs Do

What Do Spark Plugs Do? Spark plugs are what ignite the fuel in your gas engine. Spark plugs jobs are to create a spark in the cylinder of an engine to create a power stroke or make your engine turn and with the evolution of the engine the spark plug has had to change also. […]