How to Make Your Auto’s AC Colder

Colder, Please! Most of us know the iconic line from the 1980’s song “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!” While that makes for some great dance moves, it’s not so fun if that describes your driving experience due to a poorly functioning air conditioning system in your vehicle. If you’re feeling a little warmer than you’d like […]

What is an Air Intake Tube?

Vehicles need air, fuel, and spark for the engine to run properly. The air intake tube brings clean air from the air filter to the throttle body and into the engine. Having the tubing […]

Is It Time for Brake Repair?

Respect the Brakes How do you know when something is wrong with your car that requires repair? Perhaps you’re thinking, “If only my car could talk . . . ” When it comes to brakes, it can! That’s good for you as a driver/owner because you need to respect your brakes. You don’t want to […]

Braking System Basics

How Does It Do That? Your vehicle needs to go, but it also needs to stop. There’s a system for that. Right? Yes, the braking system is your safety shield that stands between you and disaster. Yet, it isn’t a single entity. Rather, it’s a cooperating series of parts that work together. Proper function of […]

How Do I Know if My Car’s A/C is Ready for Summer?

Making Sure Your Vehicle Will Keep You Cool!     With the weather starting to warm up you don’t want to be caught sweating in your car. There are things you can do and check to make sure your vehicle’s air conditioner is ready for summer, just like your home A/C unit. Some of the […]

Can A Wheel Alignment Really Help Your Car

Advantages of A Wheel Alignment Why You Need a Wheel Alignment Your wheels were aligned . . . once upon a time. So, why might you need a wheel alignment now? Remember that speed bump you didn’t see and sailed over at full throttle? Do you recall that crater that somebody called a pothole that […]

Vehicle Maintenance Myths

Service and Repairs Are Necessary Vehicle preventive maintenance services and repairs are no joke. They’re necessary for keeping your auto in good, safe, operable condition and preserving its value. That said, you may hear things that make you wonder, “Are you kidding?” People mean well. Most don’t intentionally lead you astray. But the fact is […]