Vehicle Heating System

With colder weather in Nebraska a properly working Car Heater is a necessary part of life. What most people don’t know is when your turn the knob to Heat or click the Defrost button a lot go into keeping you warm.  Blower and Door System  Blowers transfer the Heat and Air Conditioning though your vent […]


At Mad Hatter Muffler and Brakes we have been known for the Best Exhaust and Brake Repairs in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area for 40+ years. And we love being known for Muffler Replacement, we are also a Full Service Auto Repair Facility. Our Automotive Technicians spend at least 40 hours a year on continuing education into all […]

The Problem With Skipping A Service

And Why You Need Routine Maintenance! There you are sitting at the light, ready to drop the hammer. When the light turns green, you hit the gas, and the car sputters off the line. You’re left to wonder what’s going on with your car, and worry there may be a severe problem with your ride. […]

The Careers of Automotive Repair

Interested in the Automotive Industry? It’s never easy starting out or transitioning to a new career. It can be difficult and trying at times. For those of us working in automotive repair, there is no set path on arriving at this career trajectory. If you have an interest in anything automotive, this is the perfect […]

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