What is Leaking From My Car

Fluid Leaking from a Car or Truck can be a lot of things. To find the leak you need to know the location and color and the consistency of the Fluid Leaking. Some Vehicle Fluid Leaks will happen under pressure, when it is cold or even hot. Some fluids leak when the car is running and other Fluids leak […]

Hybrid Battery Replacement

Hybrid Cars may have seemed like a fad years ago, but they are here to stay. Hybrid Batteries have developed with the years, but still lose capacity and power. This is normal for any Battery kind of like the R/C cars from our childhood. At first, they go for a long time and are super-fast […]

Tire is Losing Pressure

Low Tire? No Problem  Youre Driving down the road and see the Tire Pressure Light pop on. Immediately it becomes a big concern, as it should. As you drive, the friction between the Tire and Road causes heat and pressure to increase so when a Tire Light comes on while driving, this is something where […]

Stolen Catalytic Converter

The last year has been hard for all in many ways. But some have been hit also with Stolen Catalytic Converter. This is a huge problem and is preventable but some wonder why. The cost of the metals that are used to make Catalytic Converters work. Like Rhodium has had a 131.9% increase or from $9,400 a ounce to […]

Oxygen Sensor

Have you ever had a Check Engine Light (CEL) on and been told to Replace Oxygen Sensor? Some people assume that a Check Engine Light is just a Oxygen Sensor and this is not true. From my experience Oxygen Sensors are one of the most over replaced not needed parts that people replace. Now this does not mean […]

Mobile Mechanic

Mechanic is a older term used in the Auto Repair industry. When a Auto Repair Technician hears Mechanic they think of the guy who can just Install Parts and not truly Diagnose a Car Running Issue. But to the Mechanic or Mobile Mechanic and the pros and cons of them.  Mechanic at a Auto Repair Facility  Most Mechanic at a Auto Repair facility […]

Auto Repair Near Me

Mad Hatter is always striving to offer the Best Mechanic Repairs in Omaha NE area. We offer a Full 3 Year and 36,000 Mile Warranty to back that up. Though we are known for Brake Repair and Exhaust Repair we also are a Full Service Auto Repair Shop. Having two locations one in Omaha Ne 68144 and Council […]

No Start Big Problem

Testing Batteries before doing an Auto Diagnostics is important to make sure all Voltages are correct so test readings are not off. Also a CCA or Cold Cranking Amperage is a good sign of soon to fail Battery. On Newer Vehicle Battery in more important than ever because not only is it turning the Starter but powering up Engine […]

Vehicle Heating System

With colder weather in Nebraska a properly working Car Heater is a necessary part of life. What most people don’t know is when your turn the knob to Heat or click the Defrost button a lot go into keeping you warm.  Blower and Door System  Blowers transfer the Heat and Air Conditioning though your vent […]


At Mad Hatter Muffler and Brakes we have been known for the Best Exhaust and Brake Repairs in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area for 40+ years. And we love being known for Muffler Replacement, we are also a Full Service Auto Repair Facility. Our Automotive Technicians spend at least 40 hours a year on continuing education into all […]